Strange Scugog Laws

This guy explains the rules in Scugog quite hilariously. Nothing quite like dry humor to put a smile on your face. But don’t discount it, it’s actually educational too.

Number one by-law in Scugog. Minors are not allowed to sell replica guns to minors. No one can sell a replica firearm to someone under 18.


Painting of Scugog Lake

Number two by-law. According to by-law 13-15 schedule A, keeping freshwater or saltwater organisms like fish is prohibited, with no exceptions. So, I guess, pet fishes are not allowed in Scugog.

Number three by-law, cows can run free. Milking cows shall be to run at large from 7o’clock in the morning to 8o’clock at night from the first day of May to the first day of December in a year.

Number four by-law. No skating and tobogganing on the sidewalks.

There’s one more by-law you should watch in the video to see.