The Benefits of Camp Scugog

Do you have fond memories of camp? Doesn’t the sheer joy of remembering those times by the lake, under the heat of the summer sun just bring a smile to your face? Yes, summer camp is truly a time to remember in our young lives. We would even go so far to say that camp … [Read more…]

Your brain on exercise

Did you know that your brain loves to exercise? Exercising makes your brain more active all day and getting sweat can improve the learning and mental performance of the brain. It will help increase the functional activity of the temporal lobe. Some brain exercises include reading books and other news, eating proper foods and sleeping 8 … [Read more…]

Volunteer to help at a charity auction for your hometown

Volunteer Event Organizers have many  ideas in mind, they would really love to have more task assigned to them as much as you expected. They can make your Charity Auctions profitable for your community for free! Allow them to show their passion in helping and assign a task through their willingness. To have a successful … [Read more…]

Invest in your community

Investing to your community is a perfect way to help your community a better place and it is a perfect way to help all the people that in need. There are many ways on what, how and where to invest something you must first focus and give all your heart in to it to make … [Read more…]

Kid Yoga 1. 2. 3.

Having your kids engages in Yoga is a good and healthy start because it is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline that aims to unite body, mind and spirit of the one who are doing it. Yoga is not just a simple stretching, it is about enhancing the physical balance, strength and flexibility. You … [Read more…]

Bike Helmet Safety

It is important to wear helmet when riding a bicycle because we do not know when the accident is going to happen, even if its just a normal fall and you hit your head without wearing helmet, there is a possibility that you will get injured inside your head and that is more dangerous. That’s … [Read more…]

Poverty in Toronto Explained

Toronto may be home to one of the richest people in Canada, but it is also home to many homeless people. While it may be ranked as one of the most liveable and competitive cities in the world, it houses some of the poorest of the poor. Hulchanski said in 2010 that if the current … [Read more…]

What is “community health”?

Community Health has a very important role in a community because they are the ones who are saving the lives of the people in a community. Every community needs a health centers that will maintain the health of the people inside it. Health centers are providing quality comprehensive primary health care services to all the … [Read more…]

How to helping others and improving their community

Helping others improve their community is a great feeling. When people who live there loves and really want to improve their community, it makes the community more alive than the others. If you notice that your community or other has a lot of problems and needs, you should do your part as you are living … [Read more…]

Start volunteering!

Start volunteering now and help your community to become more progressive! Today, volunteering is badly needed especially to those community that has a lot of problems and needs. And if your community is one of them what you should do is to help or volunteer. If you start volunteering today, you can help solve the … [Read more…]