The Benefits of Camp Scugog

Do you have fond memories of camp? Doesn’t the sheer joy of remembering those times by the lake, under the heat of the summer sun just bring a smile to your face?

Yes, summer camp is truly a time to remember in our young lives. We would even go so far to say that camp molds you into the person you are in the year to come. It becomes a part of you, and is an integral part of growing up.

It is at camp that you know yourself, and your friends, but most of all, to create happy memories.

Camp Scugog is one of the oldest camps in Canada. It has offered an overnight camping experience to children, youth, and mothers affected by poverty since 1931.

It has over 43 staff, 6 junior counselors, 12 leaders in training, and more than 50 volunteers.

Each camp cycle houses over 278 campers. The youngest camper is only 3 weeks old. There is 1 new sailing program, and 5 sessions.


25% of campers were sponsored by Children’s Aid Societies. And 22% of campers were sponsored by shelters. The residence of the campers are 120+ from Toronto. 20+ from Brampton, 10+ Scarborough, 10+ from Mississauga, and 70+ from other places.

Summer camp usually means swimming by the lake, catching some fish, playing games with friends, telling scary stories by the campfire while eating smores, singing, dancing, and just being young and free.

We are all entitled to a happy childhood. No matter who you are and what your standing in life is. Everyone deserves a good time. And summer camp in Scugog is just right for you.