Poverty in Toronto Explained

Toronto may be home to one of the richest people in Canada, but it is also home to many homeless people. While it may be ranked as one of the most liveable and competitive cities in the world, it houses some of the poorest of the poor.

Hulchanski said in 2010 that if the current trends continue, the City of Toronto will eventually be sharply divided into a city of wealthy neighborhoods and poor neighborhoods.

Truly, Toronto is a city of contrasts.


Many Torontonians still live in poverty today. According to the survey in the infographic, about 25% of children that are 14 and under do so. That’s about 101,260 children.

1 in 5 adults also live in poverty. That’s about 374,530 Torontonians.

There are some Torontonians who are more likely than others to live in poverty. These are the children, unattached non-elderly, lone parents, Aboriginal Canadians, recent immigrants, people with disabilities, youth, and racialized communities. Almost everyone, yes.

We ask, how can a city whose economy is booming be a city filled with impoverished people? Perhaps it’s more of a philosophical question than anything. Maybe the answer lies in the nature of man. Words like greed and compassion may be thrown out.


Why isn’t the pathways out of poverty no longer working for many? This is when work isn’t working anymore. Jobs are requiring more and more skills from people. After internet invented from the west, there are more positions of our works moved to this field such as webdesign, internet marketing, social media promotions. At least the well-paid ones. While those that require low skill also entail danger.

More education isn’t helping too. The statistic is that 23% of college graduates are working low-wage jobs.